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Year 5 transform their classroom into ‘An Ancient Egyptian Museum’

Year 5 transform their classroom into ‘An Ancient Egyptian Museum’

‘The Ancient Egyptian Museum’ is becoming tangible and taking shape! ‘Tutankhamun’s death mask’ is displayed beside a wealth of wonderfully designed ‘artefacts’ which the children have created themselves, through their learning and visit to Highclere Castle.

This very visual and ‘hands on’ approach reveals each child’s creativity and independent research and it is fascinating to listen to how they planned, designed and built their own ‘objects.’

We have just received the first ‘contributions’ and so far we have wonderful clay models of scarab beetles, pottery, painted death masks, a mummy, a working model of a ‘shaduf’ ( used to collect water for irrigation) and fine necklaces. When Grace proudly carried in her model of the pyramid we all gasped! Issy also made a superb pyramid using a 3d printer, to create her own plastic model! Brilliant!

This homework exercise is different and with just a little innovation, (using simple materials) our classroom becomes a fascinating discovery room in which students describe and relate the five ‘w’s’ of their artefacts. (I have taught them to use each finger on their hand to act as a writing prompt.

What is the item? What was it made from? Where did it come from? Who made it? Why? When was it created?)
The ‘museum’ will flourish over the coming weeks as children continue to add their contributions and share their learning. Each day becomes very special as new objects arrive, lovingly carried.

Thank you so much to all the children (and parents) in supporting this homework task. It has been wonderful to witness the children’s pride in their work

Mrs Poor






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