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Year 5 trip to Ironbridge

Year 5 trip to Ironbridge

As my group and I walked down the path towards Ironbridge, I couldn’t help wondering what exciting things were to come..

We started by sitting in the shade of a great tree, drawing the bridge and sheltering from the blazing heat. The water was cool and birds sang nearby, the view was spectacular, a wonder to draw. Mrs Gunther, who was my group leader, told us about the face of Abraham Darby III on the underside of the bridge and I was fascinated. It turns out that when the bridge was built, Abraham Darby III had no idea and was pleased when he saw what Thomas Pritchard, the designer, had done to commemorate him. Afterwards, we walked along the bridge and had a look at the Toll Notice, this is what they would have had up in the Victorian days to tell you how much you had to pay. Did you know that if you wanted to take a carriage drawn by six horses you would have to pay two whole shillings! Of course, if you could afford to hire or own such a thing as that then two shillings would mean almost nothing to you. Next, we ended the day with a wonderful quiz that Mrs O’Hare had prepared for us, my team came second! Finally, we went to bed and spent the night dreaming of the wonderful things the next day would bring!

Beatrice N (WOH)

Trip Report

Year 5 had a great 3 days in Ironbridge last week, despite the downpour on Wednesday.

Anticipating the poor weather, the itinerary was changed so we visited Enginuity on arrival and then enjoyed the Bridge in sunshine on day 2. The children particularly enjoyed the glassblowing at the China Museum and were, as ever, enthralled by Blists Hill, the Victorian town, on the last day.

Our Youth Hostel was welcoming and comfortable, with the children competing keenly to gain the title of ‘Tidiest Dormitory’.
All of the children were very well behaved throughout and a credit to Gateway and we as staff were very proud of them all.
My thanks go to Mrs Nickell, Mrs O Hare, Mrs Gunther, Mrs Poor and Mr Atkinson for their tremendous contributions.

Mr Bridges

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