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Year 5 venture into the dark, industrial world of Victorian England

Year 5 venture into the dark, industrial world of Victorian England

What better way than to use inquiry questions as a means to explore History?
Well, that is just what Year 5 have been undertaking!

Returning from our enjoyable excursion to Ironbridge, the children have been busily creating their personal scrapbooks, stepping into the role of various characters and, using primary historical sources, in deciding whether the Darby family of Coalbrookdale, cared about their workers.

There was some lively group discussion, points being thrashed out and noted, reference made to people, places, paintings, photos and records of the time. In the end both sides of the argument were explored but best of all, the pupils’ knowledge of Ironbridge, the experience of visiting the many museums and the Victorian town of Blists Hill were fundamental to the line of reasoning.

The children have genuinely enjoyed their foray into independence, adventure and learning. It was rewarding to see their quest for knowledge and several local people commended them on their good behaviour and interest. We also gained from hearing tales of how the elephant once came to the iron bridge, stories of local boys braving the currents of the River Severn (they knew the safe areas) and how one of the greatest events in History changed our lives forever – the Industrial Revolution!
And it all happened here in Ironbridge.

Read more here about our wonderful trip to Ironbridge.

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