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Year 5 - what a week for Moonwatch!

Year 5 - what a week for Moonwatch!

This half term we are studying ‘The Earth and Beyond’ and the children have been taking part in a Moonwatch. It all started on Monday 8 January and is ending this week (28 days later) - with a fantastic Super, Blue and even Red Moon! There was also the opportunity to see the International Space Station on Wednesday. In looking for the Moon, children have commented on the Big Dipper and the North Star - it’s great to get them out there and looking! Thanks for the support from home in doing so.

We have also been listening to the children's’ various presentations on the main Planets, Dwarf Planets and Moons in our Solar System. The Asteroid Belt was also included, where, surprisingly, one of the Dwarf Planets is found!

It’s a great topic that all of the children enjoy - with moments of awe and wonder.

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