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Year 5 write about their own mythological beasts

Year 5 write about their own mythological beasts

Year 5 WOH have been hard at work trying to terrify their English teacher this week with descriptions of mythological beasts of their own creation. They learnt how to use powerful imagery to appeal to all the reader's senses. They described the appearance, sound, texture, temperament and smell of their beasts, and the more repulsive the description, the better! Here are a few examples of their writing:

'The face that had once been beautiful and held up proudly, now hung low and the gaunt skull underneath stuck out.' Simon

'It was furry and stripy and was well known for its green eyes. It grew one stripe every year as it grew until it became a riot of colour.' Joseph

'He could roar as loudly as a volcano erupting and he stank to high heaven. He could kill one hundred men with only his bare hands.' Daisy

'He ate lamb or people. He would wear the bone away by grinding it with his coarse teeth.' Jack

'First came a rotten stench like milk or cheese left in the sun for a few days. Then the sound of earthquakes and volcanoes became louder as the beast drew nearer to the island.' Freya

'His mouth was drooling with blood!' Eva

'Its rough, grass green scales were so strong that they almost looked as if they were metal.' Jessica

'It was a sound beyond compare. It was discombobulating, like a screech of excruciating agony.' William

'His waxy skin was stretched across his bony frame like a mask.' Joshua

All this work and more will be displayed in G9 in the following week, so do pop in and have a look...if you feel brave enough!

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