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Year 6 - A full and fun final term

Year 6 - A full and fun final term

Year 6 have thrown themselves enthusiastically into the Summer term and are looking forward to their upcoming French trip. A number of our pupils attended the Young Voices concert at Wembley Arena last week. The children performed wonderfully and were waxing lyrical about meeting Laura Wright, the famous soprano.

In English, we have begun our exciting new topic of ‘Skellig.’ The children have created some excellent setting descriptions and drawings based on the opening of the book and we look forward to seeing the work produced over the rest of the term. The children have been captivated by the story so far and are intrigued to find out who or what the mysterious creature in the garage is.

In Maths we have covered some exciting new topics including ratio and scale factors. As always, the children have risen to the challenge and have impressed us with their knowledge. They are currently creating maths games to play on Maths Day and have already come up with lots of innovative and challenging ideas.

Last term, Year 6 children enjoyed their day trip to London. We visited the Houses of Parliament and the National Gallery. This was a wonderful opportunity for children to appreciate how our system of democracy works. Our visit included a tour of the House of Commons, as well as the House of Lords, whilst both were in sessions. The children were also very excited to meet Sarah Green, our local MP. They posed a range of questions and came to appreciate that we all hold different views on a range of issues; they said they are pleased to have the right to free speech and the right to an opinion.

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