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Year 6 - Ambassadors and abstract art

Year 6 - Ambassadors and abstract art

Year 6 have begun the half-term with enthusiasm and continue to impress us with their growing independence and maturity. 6TR have had a wonderful start to their term of responsibilities acting as junior librarians, office helpers, ICT technicians and assisting the PE department to name a few. They will pass the baton to 6DL after Christmas who are eagerly awaiting their turn. It is wonderful to see the children acting as such Ambassadors and giving up some of their free time to help others.

We are continuing with our much loved book of ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl; the children always eagerly anticipate his latest escapades each week. We will also be making links with our Humanities topic of the Tudors in a study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The children will be acting parts of the book out in their drama lessons and looking at the old English language in their grammar sessions. We will end the term with some festive poetry.

The children have been looking at long division and applying this during problem solving scenarios. The whole year group recently took part in the Primary Maths Challenge and we look forward to sharing their results with you. The remainder of the term will be dedicated to fractions - comparing, ordering and converting them. We will end the term looking at coordinates and translations.

Christmas has begun! We have started to learn our Christmas songs and carols in preparation for what will be a fantastic carol concert at the end of term. The Year 6 children have some challenging harmonies to learn and it has been lovely to hear the strains of angelic voices practising traditional and more contemporary carols this week. Our focus during the next few weeks will centre around being performance ready, and we will be paying particular attention to diction and facial expression.

Portraiture is this term’s focus in Art. This week everyone enjoyed the freedom of working in an abstract style. The children studied some portrait paintings of Pablo Picasso and compared these to work by contemporary artist, Laurent Folco. They loved the shapes, lines and colours and were able to create wonderful portraits, observing facial features from different viewpoints and repeating or exaggerating shapes and lines.

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