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Year 6 ask for ice creams and crêpes in French

Year 6 ask for ice creams and crêpes in French

Year 6 pupils have been equipping themselves with lots of French vocabulary and phrases for foods and drinks lately... in readiness for next month’s French trip. There should be plenty of opportunities to try out their language skills when queueing for meals in the Château du Broutel dining hall or when we visit a restaurant for lunch in Boulogne.

The children have acquainted themselves with words for all sorts of fruit, vegetables, meats and other snacks, including a few that some of them (though usually less than anticipated) will probably want to avoid… les escargots et les cuisses de grenouilles! (Often served as an extra ‘taster’ on the last night of the trip).

In lessons this week, their attention has been directed towards rather more popular foodstuffs. As well as working out a translation of a straightforward croque-monsieur recipe, they have been practising how to (politely) order les glaces (ice creams) et les crêpes. The tricky part was in specifying their various flavours or ingredients (using au before masculine noun flavours and à la before feminine ones) eg. Je voudrais une glace à la fraise, s’il vous plaît. We will be swiftly moving on in our studies to cover types of shops and numbers and prices using Euros.

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