Year 6 blog - French trip | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 6 blog - French trip

Year 6 blog - French trip

After their trip to the snail farm yesterday, Year 6 were buzzing with snail facts. Here are some answers: see if the children can help you match them to appropriate snail questions when they return!

one every 20 minutes

The snail theme continued all day - snails were served up with garlic butter for dinner, the children have 'shelled out' for escargot-themed treats for their families, and snails featured heavily in the jokes of Mr Judge during the talent show last night.

In other news, voting has begun in Chateau de Broutel. Whilst almost all have voted 'remain', unfortunately the older generation swung the outcome to 'leave' today. Votes have also been cast following 'Gateway's Got Talent'. This year's programme was exceptionally strong - a fantastic mix of surreal humour (new Year 6 catchphrase... 'special treatment'!), magic, songs and more... Results will be announced on the coach home after all the votes have been counted and verified.

We will be really sad to leave Chateau de Broutel, but excited to return to our families. See you soon!

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