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Year 6 - Bloodhound project and rocket morning

Year 6 - Bloodhound project and rocket morning

We started the morning with a whole school assembly, presented by Sasha Penfold, Rolls Royce Engines engineer (ably assisted by Mrs Cleary, Zach and Saskia’s Mum), which outlined the Bloodhound, Supersonic Car Project. Can you believe that the first land speed record was set at 39 mph! All children were amazed by the video footage of a supersonic car breaking the sound barrier and there were gasps at the design and beauty of the cars.

The Year 6s then split into 2 groups for workshops. One group stayed with Sasha and made balloon powered models of the Bloodhound, which they kept as souvenirs of the morning. The cars were raced at the end of the session with certificates and prizes awarded for the best performing cars.

The second group went to a presentation and demonstration by Mr Borgeson (Abby and Wyatt’s Dad) who is a rocket scientist in the USAF, currently seconded to the RAF. Mr Borgeson explained the science and technology behind rockets and then the children went on to the school field to see small rocket canisters be fired. They then went on to launch water rockets, to see how the shape, centre of mass and centre of pressure of the ‘rockets’ affected the flight. Groups then rotated.

Everyone had a great time. A very big thank you to Sasha, Mrs Cleary and Mr Borgeson for giving the children a memorable morning.

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