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Year 6 consider variations between human beings

Year 6 consider variations between human beings

Year 6 are now well into their new Science topic: Evolution and Inheritance. They started the term thinking very scientifically by designing questions that they could then test, which proved that there are variations between human beings. After this, we moved onto cross and selective breeding. The children had to be detectives and work out which breeds of dog would be crossed to produce a dog that would fit a given criteria. They have debated whether or not selective breeding is a good thing; some very interesting arguments came to light.

We have now moved onto animal adaptations and the children have thought carefully about an environment and the characteristics an animal might have to survive in that environment. The children are creating ‘animals’ that they are then going to ‘bring to life’ using the morfo app. Once ‘brought to life’ the animal will then explain why it has certain features and how these help it to survive.

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