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Year 6 delve into the classification of living things

Year 6 delve into the classification of living things

Year 6 Science Jack and CormacThis half term, Year 6 have been delving into the Classification of living things - starting with the Animal and Plant Kingdoms and now investigating the microscopic worlds of Protists, Bacteria and Fungi.

We started by dividing Animals into Vertebrates and Invertebrates and were staggered by the overwhelming number of Arthropods - especially insects.

In the Plant Kingdom, we looked at the Scientific Classification, but then used are own grouping criteria, to design the layout of an appealing Garden Centre. It seems that we have a few budding Monty Dons and Rachel de Thames in our midst.
Look out Bacteria - here we come.............

Reading Cloud

The Year 5 and 6 children will be taking part in a 'Reading Cloud' trial between now and the end of term. This will enable the children to access the school library from home. The log on for this is

Each child has been given their own log on. This is made up of their existing library barcode number and a password. This information has been given to Tutors and your child should by now have this information in their planner.

The children can see all the books we have in the library as well as approved websites which may be useful for Topic research and author video clips. With access to the catalogue of stock the children will be able to plan which book to borrow next. If they are frequent borrowers the system will be able to make suggestions of other books they may like next. The children can also create their own 'avatar' to use with their log in. As the children explore the 'cloud' they may also find other features. This link will give all the information you might need to fully explore and make the most of this new resource.

Quick Start Guide

In the last week of term I will be asking the children to share their experiences of using the 'Reading Cloud' so that we know whether this is something that will be useful ongoing. So please encourage your child to 'have a go'. I am very happy to have your feedback too.
Many thanks
Elaine Goodchild - Librarian

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