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Year 6 discuss benefits of healthy eating

Year 6 discuss benefits of healthy eating

This week in Science, Year 6 have been discussing Healthy Eating. We have been creating presentations where each pupil has been investigating different aspects of this topic: the Fitbit craze; looking after your teeth; how to eat a balanced diet; the problems associated with poor diet or junk food. We have also been looking at the importance of water for our bodies.

In RE, we have been having looking at the origins of our world. First, we began by debating whether there is such a thing as truth. Some were quick to state that there was not. However, we found that this was a self-defeating statement. Year 6 love to discuss paradoxes like this one! Then we looked at the Big Bang and asked the question of what might have caused it. Whatever that might have been, pupils decided that it must have been powerful and intelligent. So, as you can imagine, these were big questions. It was great to see how everyone was listening to each other as well as having the opportunity to think through these challenging topics.

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