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Year 6 do 'prep' under the beady eye of Captain Hardcastle

Year 6 do 'prep' under the beady eye of Captain Hardcastle

This week in drama, Year 6 have been doing 'Prep' under the beady eye of the brutal Captain Hardcastle. No request, from a plea to visit the lavatory to an appeal for a replacement pen nib was tolerated and many canings ensued. What a thrill it is to be part of this awful scene and then leave to rejoin our own lovely school where we don't have to tremble in fear!

In English, some pupils strived to show us a more sympathetic view of Captain Hardcastle. Perhaps his experiences of fighting in WW1 had left him so scarred and traumatised that he could not help but behave in this brutish manner?

Eisa B '‘Another day has gone, another day sucking the strength out of me. I’m stuck in this prison-like school teaching things they’ll never use in life.’

Tom C 'I know they laugh behind my back about my name and the shell shock. If only they knew what hell I've been through...

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