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Year 6 - Electrical circuits, vignettes and Deutsch

Year 6 - Electrical circuits, vignettes and Deutsch

It’s been a warm and sunny start to the Autumn term and Year 6 have made the most of every opportunity to be outside. From sports fixtures to a lovely woodland walk, we’ve really enjoyed our beautiful surroundings. The Year 6’s have taken the responsibility of leading our new School Parliament seriously and there have been many meetings and announcements about exciting initiatives ahead. The first seven weeks have gone by in a flash and when we return there will be all the excitement of preparing for our last Gateway Christmas!

In Science, Year 6 have enjoyed using their knowledge of electrical circuits to create and test their own ‘steady hand’ game. To be successful, the children had to think about the most appropriate materials to use for their track, wand and handle, drawing on what they had learnt about conductors and insulators. Next, they had to work out how to wire their game so that the alarm only sounded when the wand touched the track, completing the circuit. The children worked together to overcome problems and we all had fun testing the creations!

Investigative skills were developed further when Year 6 explored the factors affecting the strength of an electromagnet. The children had to decide on the variable they were going to change and then consider how they were going to make their test fair. Different tests proved that the size of the iron core, the number of wire coils, the type of wire used and the current running through the wire all had an impact on the strength of an electromagnet. This was proved by testing how many paper clips the magnets would attract. We are now looking forward to starting our new topic of Classification after half term.

Year 6 children have been thoroughly enjoying our shared reading of Roald Dahl’s ‘Boy’. It really is a catalogue of ghastly characters and terrible punishments and it’s certainly true that we have a new appreciation of our school. In Drama lessons, we have re-enacted some of the scenes. The children have relished the opportunity to take on the role of the fearsome headmaster and wield the cane! Finally, mention must be made of the brilliant entertainment Year 6 provided when they took on the roles of Roald Dahl characters. They became machines, only coming to life when their buttons were pressed. The delight on the faces of the younger children when they did so was lovely to see. So committed to these roles were they, that they refused to talk even when visiting teachers tried to engage them in conversation! Well done Year 6!

Year 6 have enjoyed reviewing and developing their German language (Deutsch) knowledge in MFL lessons! They began by reflecting on what they could remember about Germany and famous Germans. Many of them recalled some famous German car manufacturers and that Haribo and Werthers are in fact German sweet companies. Food is always an engaging topic, and so Frankfurters, Pretzels, Apfelstrudel and Black Forest Gâteau were all on the discussion menu. Year 6 revisited language such as greetings and introducing themselves in German, as well as numbers with the help of some familiar, fun, repetitive songs. Most of them could already count up to 20 (zwanzig) in German. Basic conversation has been developed using some simple questions and answers, covering captivating topics including family and shopping. After our holiday break, Year 6 will return to their French studies, with the added anticipation of finding out who their new French pen pal will be.

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