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Year 6 examine the effects of the Treaty of Versailles

Year 6 examine the effects of the Treaty of Versailles

Having spent last term studying World War 1, pupils in Year 6 are now examining the effects of The Treaty of Versailles and the possible causes of World War 2. They have considered the way in which Hitler’s rise to power influenced Germany’s return to power and written a diary entry from the perspective of a young German in 1933. This has been put into a scrap book which they will bring home.

They will learn more about the evacuation of children to the countryside ( following our visit to the production of Goodnight Mr Tom), the Blitz, how people protected themselves during an attack, women during the war and The Battle of Britain.

During the second half of term, they will produce a small project on a topic of their choice. We do hope that you will share any stories that you may have or perhaps allow them to bring in any artefacts, they could share with the class. They are beginning to understand how history has affected the organisation of the world as we know it today.

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