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Year 6 explore ancient Greek life

Year 6 explore ancient Greek life

Two new subjects have been introduced to Year 6 this term! They are studying Classical Civilisation for the whole year and Critical Thinking during the time they are not swimming.
Pupils are exploring ancient Greek life, through the story of The Odyssey. This will include an introduction to philosophical thinking. In the first lesson, we looked at The Trojan War and the story of The Wooden Horse. Children were asked, “Were the Greeks right to go to war with the Trojans” and “Is it ever right to go to war?” The story of the abduction of Helen, led to a lively debate about ‘What is Beauty?’ and Year 6 are beginning to understand how ancient civilisations thought very differently to us. Later in the year, we will take a good look at the Romans!
Critical Thinking began this week, with the story of a young boy and an android. Children will think about A.I. and its role in our society. They will then contemplate issues such as, “What is thinking” and “Can a robot be a friend?” The children were very responsive and were intrigued by all our debates. This will rapidly improve their ability to question and think independently.

And finally, Year 6 have begun to practise and polish their Roald Dahl characters for the display on the 30th of this month. They have all been sent an email by Mrs O'Hare explaining what the event entails. She has also shared a document with their words so they can get practising at home. This should be a fantastic event and an opportunity for the children to show what a talented bunch they are. If you are able to visit our 'exhibition' on the morning of the 30th, you will be treated to comedy, song and drama! Wendy O'Hare

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