Year 6 - Get creative | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 6 - Get creative

Year 6 - Get creative

During Year 6’s Creative Studies lessons, the pupils have looked in detail at what creativity is and how they could build upon and develop their creative skills. The students explored ways to ensure they added purpose and value to their ideas and discussed how they could use creativity across the curriculum.

Last week, the pupils were given the task of selling a mystery object. Having been presented with a small, black, rubber cuboid, the students worked in groups to decide a purpose and unique selling point for the item. The idea of the project was not to work out the object’s true identity but to think creatively and give the item purpose and value.

In Dragons’ Den style, the pupils sold their ideas to their classmates. These included climbing shoe and glove grips, laptop feet, roof sealant, tyre repair, dog chews and teething toys, fidget toys and a newly developed square ice hockey puck! If only the true identity was that interesting...

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