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Year 6 investigate different pneumatic systems

Year 6 investigate different pneumatic systems

Year 6 DT

The children have been investigating different pneumatic systems, such as jumping frogs and spiders, and inflating balloons with balloon pumps. The children created their own pneumatic systems by attaching different sized syringes… 5ml, 10ml and 20ml to a tube with a balloon attached to it. They learnt that when the air was transferred from the syringe to the balloon it would inflate, but would then deflate when the syringe handle was pulled out. Then, the children moved on to investigating what would happen to the air when there were two different sized syringes attached to the tube, this certainly created a lot of WOW moments, particularly when the syringe handles went shooting off into the air. Perhaps you could ask your child why this happened?

Art in Year 6

Joseph Wright of Derby’s treatment of light and shadow enthralled pupils in Year 6; using the smart board zoom feature, they were able to examine the objects and faces in the painting and closely appreciate the incredible quality of his painting. They learned the term ‘chiaroscuro’ and developed an understanding of how to give an object its form by observing contrasts in light and shadow. They used charcoal to make impressive still life studies which will be on display in our exhibition on the 9th and 10th March. 6WOH art group should be able to recite the definition of chiaroscuro so you might like to test them!

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