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Year 6 Japanese taster course comes to an end

Year 6 Japanese taster course comes to an end

As we approach the end of term, Year 5 have been thinking back on their Japanese (Nihongo) studies…

Imogen J wrote: OveralI, I very much liked Japanese. I enjoyed seeing my name written in Japanese katakana symbols. I learned words for family members and also numbers and colours. I would like to learn words for sports and school subjects which could be fun, so if we are doing that, cool. I liked it at the start… and I now know lots more about Japan.

Angharad B wrote: I think Japanese has been a great language to learn. I loved telling everyone what your family already knew about Japan. I enjoyed learning the colour words, eg. murasaki = purple and also the high numbers, eg. kyuu sen san jyuu san = 9,033. I learnt how to say Japaneses greetings and phrases, eg. sayonara = Goodbye. I have also learnt how to do some Japanese kanji symbols, eg. = yama (mountain).

Of course, Year 5 and Year 6 children have already started getting back into their French language studies. They have been working hard in lessons and at home to learn a French version of Deck The Halls (‘Fa la la la laa!’) and made their parents very proud with their joyful rendition at the Yr5/6 Carol Concert earlier this week. Most have also taken on Monsieur Lloyd’s French Christmas worksheet challenge - a drawing/colouring task reviewing some simple number, colour and Christmas-related vocabulary.

Next term: We will be starting by reviewing some of these basics, then moving on to cover such topics as the calendar, weather, clothes and school subjects.

At home: The children would benefit from a further quick review of French numbers, colours and days of the week. They can be found on page 131 of their planners. Or they could practise by searching relevant video clips on the internet eg Search: ‘French for kids - colours’.

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