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Year 6 learn about autobiographical writing

Year 6 learn about autobiographical writing

Recently, Year 6 learnt the key elements of autobiographical writing. This resulted in some great tales from their short lives. They mastered the form really well and then went on to interview each other in order to practise some biographical writing.

This week, pupils have begun exploring powerful imagery in poetry and they will be writing some poems of their own using all the senses and a variety of practised language devices. In the week before half term, we will help them to choose a favourite poem that they will bring home and learn. They will need to be able to recite it with expression. Perhaps you could help them by listening and encouraging a fluent delivery.

Also this week, pupils have begun preparing a presentation. This has been given as homework and they will return next week to practise and perfect their public speaking. The talk will last four minutes and be on a subject of their choice. They played Just A Minute this week, which produced some very witty and interesting talks.

The children are also choosing an extract from a much-loved book which they will read aloud and be able to answer questions about their reasons for selecting the book. It all promises to be great fun and we are looking forward to hearing all of them!

Year 6 also had a senior assembly this week which talked about ‘Change’

‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.’ George Bernard Shaw

‘Change’ was the focus for the senior assembly this week. The weekend had brought a dramatic change to the weather. No matter how much we yearn for the sun and warmth, autumn has arrived and we have to accept it! Many of us, not just the children, find it difficult to adapt to new situations or to change our minds and our attitudes. We are not always ready to listen to others or to see the positives that change can bring. We may be fearful of the unknown. Learning to accept advice from people who really care about us helps us to acknowledge that it is through change that we can all move forward and make progress.

The children listened to the poem, ‘You’re Right,’ said Grandad by Joan Poulson which describes how a grandad is cajoled by his grandson into accepting that his life will be much better when he moves out of his second floor flat into a bungalow. The children gave answers showing great insight and empathy to his feelings. They thought that they would have tried to persuade him that change would be good for him if they had been the grandchild. They thought about changes that they have been asked to make by their teachers and like the grandad in the poem they are going to try and ‘laugh’ and say ‘you’re right!’

Mrs La Farge explained the changes to the registration procedure whilst Mr Bridges gave the ‘Walk to School’ statistics which showed that more than 50 per cent of children across the school had taken part. He asked the children to continue this change and walk to school every morning as it would be beneficial to their health, their learning and the environment.

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