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Year 6 learn about their French pen-pals’ lovely region

Year 6 learn about their French pen-pals’ lovely region

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of weeks creating French contributions towards the Take One Picture project. They prepared and recorded individual speeches, introducing themselves as one of the Graham children, and they have written their profiles up to create a ‘French book of the Graham children’ for this weekend’s exhibition. Please come along to see their excellent work!

This week, we have also begun preparing content towards a second letter to send to our French pen-pals. Some of the main themes will be school timetables, subjects and clubs, uniform and other clothes. So we have been learning words for all our subjects, giving some opinions on some of them, and creating a timetable (Emploi du temps) sheet all in French.

Some of our French pen-pals from Vallon Pont d’Arc have sent us a wonderful presentation showing where they live in France and explaining about some of the lovely local places of interest in the Ardèche region. The Pont d’Arc (‘arch bridge’) itself is an amazing natural bridge carved through gorges by the Ardèche river. Nearby there are ancient caves containing some of the oldest and best preserved cave drawings in the world!

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