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Year 6 learn important life skills

Year 6 learn important life skills

This week the Year 6 children started a 3 way rotation in which they either:

1. Helped the younger children in the hall with dinner
2. Worked in the playground and led activities
3. Started the Paws B mindfulness course

The mindfulness course is designed to help children cope with pressure and arm them with strategies to deal with stressful situations. The other 2 rotations allow the children to develop their leadership skills and create vertical relationships within the school community. As you can see from the photos we have been able to make good use of the newly painted games that FOG organised over the holidays. Each tutor group will rotate through each course/responsibility every term. Through these activities the Year 6 pupils are also learning to appreciate how challenging leadership can be and the work that is done for them by many of the staff at Gateway. In addition to this, the Year 6 children have all been assigned a responsibility for this term. These responsibilities are quite varied and range from managing the lost property box, to helping teachers run clubs, to reading in junior classes, and, even helping the office staff

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