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Year 6 learn about rationing during WWII

Year 6 learn about rationing during WWII

In history this week, Year 6 have been finding out about rationing in World War 2. The children have been drawing the weekly rations, creating ration books and recipes, as well as writing about memories of rationing from the point of view of an older person looking back at their childhood in the war.

Jess J wrote the following:

‘I remember when there was rationing. I was only a child, but I remember every day queuing up with my mother. She would hand in the ration book and the shopkeeper would stamp it. Then we would go up and queue in another shop. It would take all morning. Sometimes we would start queuing up before the shop was even open. We started growing food in our garden, we would grow on top of the shelter. We would grow cabbages and fruit, carrots, potatoes. I can’t remember my childhood without rations. Meals were all the same. I used to look forward to when we got sweets. Every 4 weeks, Mother would come home with a bag of sweets for me and Tom. We would eat them slowly because they were so nice. But chocolate was even better. We would get two squares each. It was a long time ago, but I think these were the amounts: 12oz sweets, 8oz sugar, 1 egg, 2oz tea and 3 pints of milk.’

If anyone knows of any relatives or friends who may be interested in coming into school to talk to Year 6 about their experiences of war, please let Ms Atkins or Mrs Gauntlett know.

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