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Year 6 learn to be ‘top of the school’

Year 6 learn to be ‘top of the school’

Year 6 pupils have settled into their new routine at ‘the top of the school’ really well so far. The weather has been kind to us and has kept spirits high. House meetings took place this week (in phase group bubbles) and more opportunities to participate, contribute, enjoy and shine were discussed, including this Friday’s Roald Dahl Day. Responsibilities such as House captains and school council reps. are also up for grabs.

The variety of activities and challenges presented in lessons and beyond has been keeping everyone engaged and interested, as they strive to reach their full potential. Here are just some of those learning tasks...

In art lessons, they have been looking at facial features in portrait drawing, and will be investigating the portrait miniatures of Nicholas Hilliard from Tudor times. In D.T., they are making a 3D Tudor house. In English lessons, Year 6 have been writing biographies of J.K. Rowling, using emotive language and bias to make the reader feel that Rowling is an admirable person they would like to learn more about. In music lessons, our Year 6 pupils are using body percussion and cups to practise beat patterns. In maths, they have been using a range of multiplication and division strategies, including division using factors. Taking another break from their usual French studies in MFL, Year 6 are revisiting and developing their knowledge of Germany and use of the German language.

In LFL, they considered their attitude to chocolate, empathising with children in Ghana working on the cocoa plantations, many of whom are not able to go to school. In computing, they are developing their awareness and knowledge of online e-safety. They have enjoyed their new Classics lessons, reading some of Homer’s Odyssey in order to try to define what happiness is! In P.E. and games, they are doing gymnastics and developing some of the fundamentals (agility, balance and coordination) and playing hockey and cricket. And In history lessons, they have enjoyed learning about the Elizabethans and the Spanish armada.

Not bad for a couple of weeks’ study!

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