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Year 6 - Learn ‘to wake up’ in their French lessons

Year 6 - Learn ‘to wake up’ in their French lessons

Year 6 have been learning words and phrases to describe their daily routine: from waking up... to going to bed. One of Monsieur Lloyd’s frequent first questions has been: “Tu te réveille à quelle heure?” (What time do you wake up?), hopefully prompting the answer: “Je me réveille à 7 heures!”. They have been asking and answering questions about an average day; when they arrive at school and go home, when they eat their lunch and dinner, when they do their homework, and when they go to bed, etc. Of course, they have had to use their previous knowledge of French numbers to learn how to tell the time in French also. They enjoyed practising a song (to the tune of Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz!) to start the topic. The plan is to compare their daily routine with that of their French pen pal, when they come to write their third letter later this month.

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