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Year 6 learn about Tudor portraits

Year 6 learn about Tudor portraits

This term, to link with our trip to the National Gallery in November, Year 6 has been learning about Tudor portraits in Art. They have looked carefully at Holbein’s masterpiece, ’The Ambassadors’ and explored the symbolism of each of the objects.

‘At first I thought it was just a white thing, but when I crouched down by the side I realised it was an amazing distorted skull. I am really looking forward to seeing the actual painting in the National Gallery.’ Jessica.

The children then explored the role of Tudor miniature portraits, looking specifically at the work of Nicholas Hilliard. After selecting a favourite portrait, they then attempted to recreate the fine detail and accuracy using a fine brush and watercolour paint.

‘I loved painting the Tudor miniatures because it was very different to anything we had done before. It required super concentration! I was really proud of my finished portrait.’ Leona.

In design and technology, the children have been thinking about how the purpose of footwear influences the final design. They carefully sketched a variety of shoes, adding fine detail and annotating with key features and also considered the many shoes that they own. They also discovered that shoes are often designed to be fashionable and found out about the changing styles of early Tudor footwear, from pointy poulaines to chunky chopines. They are currently designing and making a pair of shoes for a wealthy customer from the 1650’s, who would have wanted pointy toes, high heels, flamboyant bows and lots of jewels.

‘I have really enjoyed doing technology this term...we have been making shoes.’ Henry.

‘I am really looking forward to decorating my 5inch heel shoes!’ Emmy.

‘I love technology it’s a chance for you to show your skill and creativeness!’ Chantel.

‘I loved using papier-mâché because it makes the shoe take shape and it makes them stronger.’ Joe.

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