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Year 6 learn about War, Peace and Heroes

Year 6 learn about War, Peace and Heroes

War, Peace and Heroes have all been the subject of our studies in RE this term. Year 5s have been looking at the promises God made to Abraham as part of their study of Judaism and Christianity. These promises are also claimed by Muslims. We have thought about the situation in the Middle East and tried to understand some of the conflict that is happening to this day.

This week with Year 6, we have considered the values we look for in our heroes and examined a concept known as 'The Hero's Journey'. This is an ancient pattern seen in many films and stories. We can draw parallels with the life of the Buddha in his quest for enlightenment. Buddhism centres on the problem of suffering and this week we have all turned our thoughts to war and broken lives. As we approach the Christmas Season, we will think about Jesus' coming and what "Peace on Earth" really means. Here is part of a poem by Glen Scrivener:

"The story's told of an Anti-Zeus.

The God of Peace made human truce.

Into our world, into our midst

A walking, talking Armistice"

Year 6 have also enjoyed the IMPS (Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools). The instructors were particularly sharing information which put peoples mind at ease. It is essential that children know what to do in the event of medical emergency. However, they were also informed of the routines which paramedics have to carry out as part of their training. I would certainly panic if I found I was having my neck put into a brace unless I knew that is was primarily a precautionary measure. Among other activities, the children had their fingers plastered and resuscitated their own personal dummies!

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