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Year 6 - Lights, Camera, Action

Year 6 - Lights, Camera, Action

Year6 productionOn Wednesday and Thursday evening, Year 6 performed their much awaited production, 'Lights, Camera, Action'. We were all rather anxious beforehand; the children had only had one rehearsal at Woodrow and that was five days before the performance. However, we need not have worried, because the children were absolutely fantastic from beginning to end.

The lovely thing about this production was that every child had a part to play and it was truly a team effort. Some of the children are obviously very at home on the stage and delighted in their roles. Others would not naturally choose to act or dance for others, but they gave their very best and discovered that they too could contribute to what was a thoroughly entertaining evening.

The play consisted of a series of television programmes which were spoofs on the soap operas, talent shows and quiz shows that form a normal evening of viewing. The twist was that all these programmes were based on school life. This was supplemented with adverts and trailers created by the children in their drama lessons. Thanks to the technical know how of Mr Tyler and Mr Atkinson, Mrs O'Hare's vision of having these and backgrounds to the programmes projected on stage became a reality and they were a visual treat for the audience.

It is fair to say that the play was very well received. When the audience were not laughing, they were crying, and for all the right reasons! Mrs La Farge said she had never laughed so much before at a school production. As they sung their final song, a goodbye to Gateway, and we saw photographs of them projected, we all felt that we were saying goodbye to some very special children. They will be sadly missed.

Thank you very much to all the staff who helped on the evenings of the performances. Well done Year 6. It's been a hard slog for all of us, but it was all worth it! You were brilliant and we loved watching you!

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