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Year 6 look back at ‘Leisure and Entertainment through Time’

Year 6 look back at ‘Leisure and Entertainment through Time’

If you enjoy music, technology and history then our newly updated scheme of work focussing on ‘Leisure and Entertainment through Time,’ would be of interest to you.

Beginning with amusements at the start of the 20th Century, Year 6 have been exploring Edwardian pastimes, peeping into archive film footage then moving on to how entertainment was affected by World War Two.

Here were the days of frequent visits to the cinema and bombing raids which affected daily life. Moving on to post war Britain we have been looking at how technology changed and musical instruments developed. Time lines and chronology are all important so this week our task has been to create a timeline of technical changes.

It should be fun investigating holidays in the 1950’s as we move towards the present.

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