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Year 6 look at the Buddhist Philosphy in RE

Year 6 look at the Buddhist Philosphy in RE

This week in RE, Year 6 have been looking at the Buddhist Philosophy and learning about how desire can lead to unnecessary suffering. We are also considering the wisdom of Yoda from the Star Wars films. In the film, fear (particularly fear of loss) can ultimately lead to the dark side. Whereas there is no such thing as the dark side in the real world, the Buddhist philosophy tells us that the only way to free yourself from the fear of loss is to detach yourself from whatever it is you fear to lose. We thought about the things we are afraid of. This included cows and squirrels. We also thought about what helps us to feel safe.

Meanwhile in Science, Year 6 are constructing and testing their own electrical circuits using switches, bulbs and ammeters. They discovered that by 'piggybacking' more bulbs on to the battery pack, the current increased. This was a slightly unexpected result as they thought the bulbs would share out the current. Yes, those greedy bulbs were not about to share power!

On Friday, Year 6 are bowling in High Wycombe. This year, we are hoping not to have a repeat of Mr Bridge's hamstring injury. The children love this chance to unwind but the teachers are known to get a little competitive with each other!

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