Year 6 - Marvellous Maths | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 6 - Marvellous Maths

Year 6 - Marvellous Maths

Year 6 have worked exceptionally hard over the last few months and are enjoying a diverse and engaging range of opportunities this term. They will be volunteering for a variety of Leadership and Responsibility options, supporting younger children, helping with clubs and getting involved in the wider life of the school. They appreciate that they are role models for our younger children. They have also been our school ambassadors, showing round visitors on our Open Day. It has been wonderful to see them talk about their school with such pride and confidence. Many children have brought a personal perspective to their conversations, highlighting the many opportunities they have enjoyed and reflecting upon their memories of the school.

We have been particularly proud of our pupils as they completed their Buckinghamshire 11+ exams. They took part in mindful practices before each of their papers. It was a wonderful way to calm the children and to focus their minds. They knew that they could use any of these techniques as they worked through the papers.

Over the last week, pupils have used Google Earth to explore the physical features of the locations of different capital cities. They made thoughtful observations as to why capital cities had developed in particular places and had some interesting ideas about where capital cities might be located now.

Year 6 have also enjoyed the Inspiration Maths curriculum after their exams. They have looked for patterns and explored a variety of solutions to problems. Can you make all the numbers from 1-20, using only 4 fours and any number operation?

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