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Year 6 practice their German

Year 6 practice their German

German flag year 6

This term, KS2 year groups are taking a break from learning French in MFL lessons, to give them opportunities to learn about other languages and cultures. Year 3 and Year 5 are learning about Japan and Japanese, Year 4 are learning some Spanish and Year 6 are learning some German. As well as giving an enjoyable, motivational boost to their foreign language learning, they are discovering some useful language learning techniques that will stand them in good stead when they return to their French studies.

This week Year 6 have been practising numbers, greetings phrases and some questions and answers in order to build up a short introductory conversation. We have enjoyed learning a few simple songs to reinforce some of the language. We have also started learning some words for family members.

Next week We will be extending our conversation by asking and answering questions about family members (e.g. names and ages). We will also be looking at some more cognates (words that are similar in both German and English) when we learn the days of the week.

At home While out and about, spot and discuss the German car makes (as well as Japanese and French, etc.) to foster an awareness of Germany’s commercial presence. Keep an eye out for European football fixtures involving German teams too - what cities do they play in?

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