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Year 6 produce some wonderful winter poetry

Year 6 produce some wonderful winter poetry

Temperatures have been falling outside. Inside, Year 6 have been composing some wonderful Winter poetry to match, focussing on personification and effective imagery. Grace Nichols’ poem ‘Winter Trees’ inspired Year 6 to imagine the different human body parts which foliage could be - and formed their own bodies into twisted winter tree shapes. An image of smooth upright tree trunks spurred a description of:

Pristine bodies
In tight formation
To fight the endless cold.

Following a discussion about whether snow was more male or female, Year 6 thought about the different types of snow they could personify. Some thought of blizzards:

Angry to be forced to earth
From the sky
He targets the small ones
The children
Pushing them with icy winds
Wrapping up the sodden grass
Like a Christmas present
As it smashes into your face
Barracking the face of the earth.

Others saw snow as a less destructive, more comforting, presence:

Slowly, she floats down from the sky
Covering the ground with her pearly white veil.
She touches the rooftops with dainty hands
Dancing joyfully among them.

We finished the week by composing our own poem based on Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Another Night Before Christmas’ which made us think about all the fun and festive times ahead in the next few weeks. We hope you have a lovely Christmas, and that any snow is of just the right type!

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