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Year 6 - Ready for a fabulous last term

Year 6 - Ready for a fabulous last term

This promises to be an exciting term for all of us. In addition to the Year 6 curriculum, the forthcoming Coronation offers great opportunities for creative work. All of the children’s work on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May will be based on this historic event. Year 6 are also planning all of the fun and games for the Coronation garden party and picnic on Thursday. In addition to this, the French residential trip, production, support of the Lower Prep Sports Day, Enterprise week and summer fair organisation are all part of helping our Year 6 children to develop confidence, independence, autonomy and a sense of responsibility.

In English, we have started our new set text, ‘Skellig’ by David Almond. The book begins with a mystery - the creature in the garage. Michael has moved into a new house and, in addition to all the stress that having a new baby in the family brings, he finds himself the only confidant of the squatter in the garage. We are all wondering who on earth this stranger could be. This is a gripping fantasy novel and is sure to get the children’s imaginations working overtime. In our English lessons based on the Coronation, Year 6 will be considering whether the national anthem needs an update, and if so, whether they are the ones to do it!

In Maths we have started the half term by looking at units of measures. The children have been converting between units of mass, length and capacity, using decimals up to 3 decimal places where necessary. They have completed calculations using metric measures, some of which were very tricky, and they have been converting between miles and kilometres. Next, we will be looking at ratio and finding percentages of amounts.

In PSHE, this half term we will be looking at the topic of Relationships. The first lesson of this topic focused on mental health and the children discussed the importance of asking for help if one is struggling. We thought about how everyone has challenges in their lives but equally we all have networks of support, which we can lean on when times are harder.

Rehearsals for our production, ‘Mary Poppins’, start in earnest this term. With songs and dances to master and lines to learn, the Year 6 students will be kept very best working towards what promises to be a wonderful show. Everyone is trying their very best in their roles and many staff are offering their expertise and time too. What a great team!

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