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Year 6 record video messages for their French pen pals

Year 6 record video messages for their French pen pals

Our Year 6 pupils have had various other tasks going on in lessons this week to distract them from the labours of SATS testing in the morning. One of them has been to prepare and record a short self-introduction speech for their French pen pals.

They looked back through their MFL files to find work from earlier in the year that could help them prepare their speech. Then they practised and tried to memorise their speech, before being recorded. They all introduced themselves in French, saying their age, birthday date, where they live. Some talked about family members and pets, Some talked about sports or other activities they like to do. Some talked about other favourite things, and some mentioned things they don’t like!

Their pen pals (at schools in the towns of Aubenas and Vallon in the Ardèche region of France) should be delighted with their ‘real-life’ messages. We are hoping that some or all of them will return the favour and be inspired to send a short message back to us (while practising their English, of course).

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