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Year 6 - Recounting their experiences

Year 6 - Recounting their experiences

Year 6 have begun the work on their Leavers’ Yearbooks and this week, they were asked to reflect on their very first impressions of Gateway School. They thoroughly enjoyed this trip down ‘Memory Lane’ as the recollections of daring escapades in the EYU, the thrill of seeing chicks hatch in Year 3 and glories on the sports field all flooded back. Some had excellent recall of their time at Gateway and as they spoke, others remembered their experiences. Other children have joined more recently and shared their feelings of apprehension at joining a new school. They remembered people who had made that transition easier for them - children who had extended the hand of friendship and adults who had been especially kind and caring. Some of those children and adults have now left Gateway and the children were very animated remembering the time they had spent with those people who left a lasting impression. The children will be writing their recounts this week and will be aiming to capture their feelings on their very first days at the school so that the reader can imagine how they felt. Who knows, they might themselves be the readers in years to come, enjoying their Yearbooks and remembering their happy years at Gateway School.

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