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Year 6 roll the dice and play the ‘Geography’ games!

Year 6 roll the dice and play the ‘Geography’ games!

Year 6 have been creating their own ‘games’ to learn how London has developed over time. This focus is in fact ‘settlement’ and is part of the geography learning.

There have been some inspirational games with the ‘board’ created from sequencing some ‘fact boxes,’ which have revealed how London became more important through the centuries. The children had to initially sequence these and then add their own information they had researched so that the final ‘game’ was ‘born’. Take a look at some of the first ones produced so that soon we will be rolling the dice! You have to be careful, though, as you might just land on a square that informs you your Roman trading ship has sunk in the English Channel and you have lost the cargo of fine oils - go back three spaces. However, you may be lucky and have gained a new job at the palaces in The Strand. (Tudor London.) This means you go forward four!

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