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Year 6 sharpen up their grammar

Year 6 sharpen up their grammar

With SATs only a couple of weeks away, Year 6 have been working hard to revise all the grammatical concepts they have acquired throughout their time at Gateway. Stop and ask any Year 6 student, and they will set you straight on the difference between prepositions and subordinating conjunctions, and how to differentiate determiners from pronouns.

Of course, learning the concepts in isolation is a bit dry. It is important that they can then be incorporated into the children’s writing, and this week Year 6 have been playing grammar games designed not only to review grammatical terms, but also to improve their sentences by using them. Hopefully painlessly!

Do help them out at home. For example, try to spot grammatical errors in signage - there is a huge spate locally of signs where apostrophes are used in plurals - you could encourage your children to find them. You could also ask them to find examples of subordinate clauses, or noun phrases, or articles in their reading books. There is a glossary which includes the grammatical vocabulary your children should know here (if you need a quick reminder about what these terms mean!): click here.

We are sure that Year 6 will do us proud in the SATs grammar paper in two weeks’ time, and we look forward to using that grammar really creatively in some fun writing once the exams are over.

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