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Year 6 study the changing role of women

Year 6 study the changing role of women

Year 6 are exploring a new unit of study, ‘The Changing Role of Women’ and it is invoking some strong views!
Women make up more than half the population of the United Kingdom and, at a time when more women are in work than ever before, there is no good reason why women should not make up half of the House of Commons. Yet only 30% of MPs are women. This constitutes a serious democratic deficit, agree?

Of course, a hundred years ago women had no vote and would wait almost another decade to get a single MP with no Y chromosome, but equality is further off than it might appear.

‘The Changing Role of Women’ is meant to provoke discussion around the role of women from ancient times to present. Indeed, many were surprised to learn that Ancient Egyptian women received considerable rights, compared to their counterparts in Ancient Greece.

Taking a trip through time the children will consider the origins of patriarchy in the 14th C, the first rumblings of feminism in Victorian times and the laws of etiquette that would be considered outrageous in our society today. After reviewing what they know about WW1, pupils will discover the Suffrage movement and how war affected the rights and responsibilities of women.
Chronology will be significant as we move through time towards the 1950’s, where source documents will play an important part.

Arriving at the 1960’s and later, we will determine how women were viewed and the changing laws relating to women’s pay, work and education.

And what about today? Gender Equality? Are men and women equal today, both in Britain and the world? These questions will be posed in the coming weeks! Be prepared for some thought provoking questions!

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