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Year 6 study the circulatory system

Year 6 study the circulatory system

As part of our ‘Take One Picture’ work, we have focused on the Respiratory System and studied the lungs and how the alveoli enable gas exchange, to and from the blood. In doing so, some of the children researched red blood cells, which was the perfect starting point for our new topic, which is the Circulatory System. Already, the children have looked at the different blood groups and we will go onto look at the composition of blood. We shall be taking a close look at the heart and blood vessels, the other 2 parts of the system, to understand how the 3 main parts of the system work together.

At the end of the topic we will take a little exercise and measure how this affects our heart rates.

Experience tells me that we will have an interesting few weeks ahead, with the children being ‘wowed’ by the complexity, yet simplicity, of our pumping hearts.

Mr Bridges

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