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Year 6 study real world maths problems

Year 6 study real world maths problems

Year 6 have explored the wealth of mathematics out in the real world through our work on Inspiration maths. They have learnt how making mistakes is a vital part of learning. The quote by Einstein, ‘ If you have never made a mistake, then you haven't done anything new’ has been particularly motivating. They have discussed how errors are simply part of the learning process. In more modern times, we have learnt how new synapses in the brain are created when a mistake is analysed and rectified.

Our work on place value has led to much valuable discussion on the merits of our number system, compared with considerably more cumbersome systems through time, including the use of Roman numerals. Nevertheless, we have explored how these numbers are represented and every child has been writing the date using Roman numerals! They have also had the challenge of writing the largest possible Roman numeral that they could manage!

Foundations for the early concepts of algebra have been laid through work on the relationships between square and triangular numbers. The children have generated ‘rules’ for sequences and represented them algebraically. Exploration of the Fibonacci sequence, where consecutive numbers are added: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 has shown links with nature, including patterns within sunflowers and seashells.

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