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Year 6 take a trip to Missenden Woods

Year 6 take a trip to Missenden Woods

To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, Year 6 followed in his hallowed footsteps into Missenden Woods.

Every day, he would walk past his house and into the woods, looking for inspiration for his stories. Danny Champion of The World, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Minpins were just a few of these such tales. We stopped to listen and look around us, so we could create detailed descriptions of our surroundings. The children were in their splendid outfits and we paused to eat a Kit Kat - again- just as the famous writer did, every day in his writing hut.

We are now writing stories, based on Billy’s adventures in The Minpins, using the ideas we gathered on our walk. The work will be displayed in our classrooms, so do please come and take a look.

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