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Year 6 - Take One Picture and what do you get?

Year 6 - Take One Picture and what do you get?

There was a wonderful atmosphere in G8 and G9 on Wednesday as the children in Year 6 were engaged busily in the activities they had planned for their ‘Take One Picture’ day. The children had studied Orazio Gentileschi’s painting in their tutor groups, agreeing that the central theme of the vulnerable baby Moses was a popular choice for further exploration. Ellson suggested making something for the baby; James thought a 3D, hanging toy would be fun to make. The children decided upon an Egytian themed mobile that could hang over a baby. They needed to research hieroglyphics and Egyptian numbers to include in their designs. They carefully sanded squares of plywood and drilled holes to enable the pieces to hang. They created stunning mobiles, working together cooperatively. Some children created 3D pyramids while others wrote poems inspired by the painting.

Below are poems from Carys and Erina:

Moses was a Hebrew baby

Destined to be killed.

His poor mother, Jochebed, was distraught

“Keep him safe,” she willed.

Jochebed hatched a plan;

She kept young Moses hidden.

But soon he grew too old,

She knew what she’d done was forbidden.

She laid him in a basket

And put him in the river.

Although the day was hot and balmy,

Jochebed began to shiver.

Found in the River Nile

By the Pharaoh’s daughter;

She fell in love with him at first sight.

He mustn’t be sentenced to slaughter.

Miriam, his sister, was watching,

She gestured to her brother,

“I can find a Hebrew nurse for him,”

The princess nodded so she brought her mother.

And from Erina…

Who is this baby lying here?

Why is he in tears?

Wrestling in his basket,

Who will ever find him?

Away from his mother, he floats on the Nile

Without a smile

On his make-shift basket,

Who will ever find him?

Soon he reaches the bank

But who to thank?

Laughter is somewhere near

Who will ever find him?

A woman in gold arrives

For she is high,

The daughter of the king of Egypt,

Will she save him?

He is brought up to her,

She wraps him in her arms like fur.

She found him;

She named him Moses.

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