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Year 6 take part in a 'Week of Inspiring Maths'

Year 6 take part in a 'Week of Inspiring Maths'

This week Year 6 have very enthusiastically been taking part in a Week of Inspiring Maths, a program of activities that have been put together by Stanford University. The program is designed to develop the children's mathematical thinking through looking at numbers in a variety of different ways. Throughout the week the children have been encouraged to investigate and discuss numbers, primarily by looking for patterns in shapes and sequences.

Each lesson has been introduced by a video designed to help the children understand that everyone can do maths, that it is good to struggle with a problem as that encourages your brain to be more active and thereby grow your brain. The children have been reminded that you don't have to be quick to be good at maths and that making mistakes is very much part of the learning process.

Throughout the week I have been impressed by the children's engagement in every tasks and the variety of solutions that they have managed to create between them.

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