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Year 6 treat audiences to fantastic rendition of 'The Lion King'

Year 6 treat audiences to fantastic rendition of 'The Lion King'

On Wednesday and Friday of last week, Year 6 treated audiences to a fantastic rendition of Disney's 'The Lion King'. The children had a wonderful opportunity to perform at the Elgiva theatre, and this definitely made the event even more special. The lighting, sound and projection all created great atmosphere and the children truly excelled themselves.

This was a huge undertaking, probably more demanding than any other production I can remember. Throughout the rehearsal process, I swung between, 'What were we thinking? This is too hard!' to 'My goodness, this could just be brilliant!' and, of course, last week the latter became reality. There were fantastic individual performances from our double cast of principals, some of whom have never performed in public before. This must not be the last time! All the weeks of dance club paid off. The dancers were brilliant on stage and off, where they had to change masks and costumes a number of times, and all the time they were singing their hearts out too. The art and D.T. teachers worked their socks off to make this production visually stunning. The masks and collars they made with the children were beautiful and we are so grateful to them for their wonderful work. Thanks to Mrs Izard's brilliant work with the children, they performed the challenging songs with joy and confidence.

So well organised and so focused were the children that they didn't need me in the wings on Friday and so I had the opportunity to watch from the auditorium. I am so glad that I did. I suddenly realised what it was that we were asking of the children and the sheer courage it would take for them to pull this production off. Even though I have lived and slept every word and move for months, I was as thrilled as any other audience member with the performance the children gave. From beginning to end, they were brilliant.

This truly was a team effort. Many thanks to everyone who was involved, from scenery (Thank you Mr Phil - Pride Rock was perfect!) to make-up to choreography. Well, I am running out of superlatives, and so I shall end by saying well done to Year 6, I am so proud of you. I will never forget you or the wonderful production we created together.

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