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Year 6 visit The National Gallery

Year 6 visit The National Gallery

Year 6 had a fantastic trip to The National Gallery today. The trip began with a tour of several paintings, beginning with ‘The Adoration of the Kings’ by Jan Gossaert (1515). It is known that Jan Gossaert painted himself within the painting (he is the bearded man). We learnt that the paints used in the painting were made from gemstones, such as lapis lazuli. Artists learnt early on that berries and other natural materials would turn dull and not last if used in their paintings. Then, we were shown our Take One Picture painting for this year. This stimulated many questions and lines of enquiry that we cannot wait to explore during the Take One Picture week after half term. The children were all extremely well behaved and polite throughout the visit, engaged well and shared their ideas willingly.

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