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Year 6: So what’s so fantastique about the Year 6 French Trip? - Could it be the chicken doughnuts!?

Year 6: So what’s so fantastique about the Year 6 French Trip? - Could it be the chicken doughnuts!?

After returning from an amazing week in France, our Year 6 pupils completed Mr Lloyd’s short questionnaire covering 3 areas of the trip: a. what activities they enjoyed; b. the food; c. whether they have any suggestions to improve future trips. Here are their responses…

Qn. Which visits and other activities did you enjoy most?

Dominic: I enjoyed the snail farm because it was very interesting and the food was amazing! I enjoyed crow’s nest (crate stacking) because when the wind started to blow everyone got knocked off the stack!
Sophie: LE MARCHÉ because it was an opportunity to see what a French market is like and we could buy things for our family. Canoeing because I had never done it before and it was fun jumping in the lake.
Oakley: I enjoyed learning about the trenches and the lives that the soldiers living in them had in the First World War. The Wellington tunnels were amazing because we learnt about how 24,000 soldiers ambushed the Germans. Canoeing - I enjoyed playing games and falling into the lake. I was with Stanley and we had lots of fun paddling around.
Isabel: I liked Nausicaa because we got to see lots of different types of fish and take pictures of them. I especially liked the Sea lion show because the tricks that they did were really good. Canoeing was fun because we got to play water Quidditch and try and win the game. Also we played Fruit Salad and it was good because you had to work together as a team and it was quite tense because you did not want to fall in.
Jayme: My favourite place was the crepe place because they made the crepes delicious and I had a fun time with my friends.
Eleanor: I really enjoyed the market because it was fun to go around with friends and see all the things you could buy and what the French sold. We didn’t speak lots of French on the trip but at the market I think it was a really good opportunity to practice your French. It was hard to choose a favourite activity as all of them were so fun and so were the instructors.
Jonty: I liked LE MARCHÉ d’ETAPLES because I had never been to a market before and it was nice to be in a full french environment. I enjoyed the canoeing because they taught you how to be safe when an accident occurs.
Shreeya: My favourite activity was zip wire because you got to fly in mid air and and all of my group shouted out things. I shouted out DORY, because somebody said what I was going to say, which was NEMO. My most funniest bit of the week is when my teacher Mr Lloyd went on and it was really funny!
Cameron: I loved going to the market, as it was really fun to order the items in French and see all the things that they actually sell (not sweets and fidget spinners that you can get in England) in France. The Talent Contest was my most memorable moment, as Jack and I won! Also it was very entertaining to see everyone else do really good acts.
Lily W: I enjoyed the fact that we were given the freedom to wander around in small groups without a teacher following us to keep an eye on what we were doing/buying (at the market). I was pleased with having a chance to spend a little bit of money to buy things that will remind me of coming to France and enjoying myself. Thank you for giving us that opportunity at the end of the trip.
Harvey: I liked Vimy Ridge and the Wellington Quarries because I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know before.
Caitlin: I enjoyed Nausicaa because I love aquariums and seeing all the different fish. I chose canoeing and enjoyed it the most because I thought it was really fun capsizing and trying to do all the tasks, like swap boats with someone and stay afloat and in your pair stand on the rim and stay balanced.
Thomas T: The Snail farm because it is nice learning more about snails and actually eat a real snail. Canoeing because of the game we played like the game Quidditch.
Matilda: I enjoyed the Market the most because we had a lot of independence as we got to go round in groups. I also liked it because of all the stalls where we could buy a lot of cool things. It also gave us an opportunity to test out our French on the sellers. I chose climbing because it was really fun and the wall was quite tall so it was more of a challenge.
Joss: I chose le marché d’Etaples because in the market we got to buy souvenirs and we were free to go shopping and also we could use some of our French skills to talk to the shopkeepers.
Stephanie: Nausicaa - I liked all the different animals and the sea lion show the sea lions were really cool as they could do lots of tricks and the tropical fish and the turtles were fun to watch. The zip wire was my favourite as you could scream something as loud as you could and I have lots of fun doing the zip wire and all the activities.
Harry: The Snail Farm - I really enjoyed it because it was something that I had never done before. In the talent show doing my act was the best moment when Thomas correctly mind - read Mr Lloyd. I was nervous that he wasn’t going to get it right and for the act to be a total embarrassment.
Zahraa: Seeing the war memorial was intriguing it was much bigger than I expected… I especially liked seeing the Wellington Quarry because you got an insight to how the soldiers would have lived... The activities were fun and the instructors were really fun. My favourite was the fencing and climbing. I especially enjoyed the fencing because I’ve never done fencing before.
Stanley: Canoeing because we fell in a lot and I have been canoeing before and I really enjoyed it.
Francesca: I loved Nausicaa because we got to see lots of amazing sea creatures that I’ve never seen before. I enjoyed canoeing because we played loads of fun games and if you lost you would have to jump in the pond luckily I didn’t have to.
Lucy: I loved going to the market because I was with new people and I liked going around alone.
The rule was you could buy anything you wanted, but it had to do with France. I thought it was fun trying to stick to the rule. I chose the zip wire because it was so fun, I had done it before so I wasn't too scared.The instructors were really nice and helpful.
Felix: I enjoyed fencing because I had done it before and I really enjoyed it, and knowing that you’re playing a really old sport is really satisfying.
Abi H: I enjoyed going to the market because it was a good way to experience a french market and to practise french. I also got some really cool things. I enjoyed climbing because it was really fun and I got the fastest time in my group. The talent show was so fun and I will remember it for a long time. Some of the acts were amazing and some made us laugh a lot.
Rafe: Nausicaa - I really like the sea and all its animals. Archery - I got a bullseye and I now know how to shoot with a bow and arrow.
Abby B: I liked doing archery because I thought the games we did were interesting and the instructor was nice. Nausicaa - I love aquariums and I just find going to one fun. It makes me feel at home because I have lived by an ocean almost my entire life!
Kieran: I enjoyed Vimy Ridge because I am really interested in world wars and I was looking forward to going there and it did not disappoint. I enjoyed canoeing because I kept on falling in the water and I have done it before and I really enjoyed it before.
Jemma: I loved the crow’s nest, I’m not really into this sort of stuff, because I have a small fear of heights, but it was so much fun, and I wasn’t scared one bit! I would have to say that I will always remember the talent show very well because of its interesting mixtures of talent, and all VERY FUNNY judges!
Marcus M: Snail farm - tasting a food that was new to me, and really enjoying it though I thought they would be horrid. Canoeing, because my boat (Kieran, Jonty and I) and another boat (Both Charlies and Felix) kept trying to knock each other and members of other boats off!
Amelia: I really enjoyed Nausicaa because it was interesting seeing all the sealife creatures. I especially liked the seals. Canoeing, because it was funny watching people fall in and it was really fun.
Charlie Bo: In Nausicaa we got to look at a lot of different sea life including sharks and sea lions.
Katherine: At the snail farm I loved trying some snail that had been prepared differently. The lady who owned the farm was so kind to let us hold her snails. I chose Archery because it was one of the two activities I did at the Château (due to injury). I have always loved archery and I have good memories of archery.
Charlie Ba: My favourite thing was the LE MARCHÉ d’ETAPLES because there were many people there and lots of French things to buy like French bread and many more. Canoeing because you had to work as a team and you played games (like fruit salad).
Emily: My number 1 visit was the market because I like spending money. Another reason I enjoyed going there was the atmosphere of the place, it was like a normal peaceful market and that is what I like. My number 1 activity was canoeing the reason i chose this activity mainly was because i liked the feeling of when you feel like you're gonna fall in and you're nervous and excited at the same time.
Soonyun: Nausicaa - The sea lion show was a big highlight and all the different fish, coral and even sharks just makes the whole experience better by also having a variety of things to spectate. Building up teamwork skills in some of the activities was shown and we all helped each other which was a nice experience seeing as we don’t spend as much time with some of the people in our groups.
Ross: Le marché - the fact that you could use your money terms (language) instead of the normal “Bonjour” etc. Canoeing - The first reason was that I was with all my friends so I could have a laugh and joke around. Another fact was is that no-one took it seriously, so we all had fun.
Talia: I liked seeing all the different sea life at Nausicaa and touching a ray which felt really weird. I loved seeing the sharks, they looked very big and intimidating, I was glad I wasn’t swimming next to them!!! I absolutely loved canoeing as I didn’t fall into the water, until the end. It was a great experience, which I had never done before and I worked well with Lily P.
Jack: I liked the Wellington Quarry Tunnels because it really was like being one of the soldiers who hid in there in World War 1 and because they were built in the Mediaeval times. I really enjoyed the Rue tour because it was really interesting to find out about the town we were staying in because we thought the town (and the Château) where not that important in history.
Amber C: The market was my favourite because I felt very mature going shopping on my own, I just love shopping with friends. The Château Olympics because first of all I love sport and secondly I loved the game we played called ‘Knights, maidens and chaveliers’.
Adam: Le marché - I chose it because I got some very nice stuff and I liked being able to go shopping with my friends. I got a really nice Hat, shirt, and models of the Eiffel tower. Crate stacking - it was really fun because the instructor when you finished she made you into a wrecking ball a smashed you into the other person's tower so they just dangled there.
Maria: I enjoyed Nausicaa because I love animals and we saw a sea lion show and it was amazing. I enjoyed archery because we played a game about cutlery for lunch.
Josh: I enjoyed Nausicaa because I love wildlife and lots of those animals are my favourite. I enjoyed the canoeing the most because I love paddling and going in water.
Lily P: The trenches and the quarry because whilst learning really interesting and tear jerking facts about WW1, it was also really fun. Since I love history (especially the great war) it was so enjoyable for me. Fencing because I didn’t know how to do it before and now I do. Our instructor was fun and nice.
Marcus H: Vimy Ridge and tunnels - It was really educational and it was very interactive. The games we played in the canoes were really fun.
Ryan: I enjoyed Nausicaa because lots of the animals I saw there I have actually seen before like jellyfish and the giant crab. Archery as I’m quite good at it and me and my friends just had a laugh.
Harriet: I enjoyed Nausicaa the most because I got to see many different animals! My favourite animal, which was there, was the sea lion. I really enjoyed canoeing because I got to balance on the edge of the boat and not fall in! I also got to see Caitlin capsize the boat, then fall backwards head first.

Qn. What did you think of the French-style food at Château du Broutel?

Amber H: I really enjoyed the food at the château. My favourite meal was the ribs. There was no meal that I did not like. I really liked the fact that you could try lots of different types of French food.
Dominic: I loved the food at the Château, my favourite dish was the chicken doughnut.
Sophie: I loved all of the food and my favourite was the chicken doughnut.
Isabel: I enjoyed all of the meals at the Château especially the beef and chips and the chicken doughnuts.
Shreeya: I did not like the snails but i kind of liked the frog legs!
Cameron: I loved the food at the Château, as it was pretty much all the foods I like! I loved the jam and chicken donuts, the breakfasts, the steak and the drink! Though I wasn’t much of a fan of the snails!
Matilda: I really liked all of them but my favourite was the chicken donut. I didn’t not like the food.
Oakley: I liked all of the meals at the Chateau but I especially liked the ribs on the last night.
Lily W: Although I am a fussy eater, I have to say that the food at the château was definitely not as bad as I thought is was going to be. There was also a lot of choice so if there was something you didn’t like or couldn’t eat there were plenty of other things to choose from. At lunch, there were 2 main courses and 2 sides to choose from and at dinner there were 3 mains and 2 sides to choose from followed by a delicious dessert.
Jayme: I thought the French style of food was really nice, especially the steak and most of the puddings.
Harvey: I liked all of the meals at the Château especially the chicken doughnuts because it filled me up for the rest of the day. There wasn’t anything I didn’t really like and all the food was amazing.
Eleanor: The food was really nice especially the lunches and dinners, I didn’t like the breakfasts as much but that may just be because I am fussy and don’t like pain au chocolats or croissants!
Stanley: I really liked all of the food, especially chicken donuts.
Soonyun: My favourite meal was probably Tuesday lunch - the chicken doughnuts. They were delicious! The side of pasta and cheese also added to the flavour and it all worked well together. Trying the snails at the snail farm was interesting as I have never had snails before and I found out that I do like snails very much! The garlic butter was a big help on that - it was a shame some people didn’t try it.
Lucy: The food was one of the highlights for me, the breakfast was my favourite because the pastries were still warm. Lunch was nice but the cheese baguette to me stood out and was really nice.
Jonty: I thought the presentation was on point for mass production and tasted much better than English.
Caitlin: I liked the food, especially the puddings, which tasted really good. I also thought the chips were good and I liked the juice machine because you could get a mix of all the flavours and it tasted different to what I usually have at home. I didn’t like the snails, I thought the were very chewy, slimy and tasted horrible.
Harry: I liked the food. All of it was nice except for the frogs legs.
Felix: I thought the chicken doughnuts were quite inventive and really interesting. I also enjoyed all of the food.
Stephanie: I liked the steak on the very first night I didn’t really like the chicken. I liked the breakfast and the lunches were nice. I especially liked trying the chicken donut that it was actually surprisingly nice.
Joss: I enjoyed the food a lot and I feel I could probably have the different foods everyday because they were so nice!
Francesca: I thought the food at the Château was delicious I especially liked the chicken donuts with chips and vegetables.
Rafe: They were good and my favourite was the snail.
Abi H: All of the meals were so nice. Except the chicken was quite dry and not very nice. The only chicken meal that was nice was the chicken donut, it was so delicious. I enjoyed all of the deserts and all of the breakfasts.
Marcus M: A big thumbs up for everything we ate, because it was great. Trying snails for the first time and thinking they would be horrible, but they were amazing and they are now even one of my favourite foods! I disliked frog’s legs because the bones kept getting caught in my teeth and I thought it would have it’s own taste instead of tasting like chicken!
Abby B: I really enjoyed all of the meals. My favourite were the Chicken Doughnuts w/cheese sauce. It was so good! I could tell that the chefs were really passionate about the food they made and that they were proud of it too.
Thomas T: I did not like the french food at the Château but all the other meals I liked.
Jemma: I really enjoyed most of the foods at the Château especially the chicken donuts! I loved trying the snails, but I wasn’t so keen on the froglegs!
Charlie Bo: I thought that the french food was delicious and it was not something you would get in England. I really liked the chicken donuts but i liked everything they served.
Amelia: I really liked the beef steak and chicken donuts. I pretty much liked everything on the menu.
Charlie Ba: I liked all of the food I was given, but I especially enjoyed the beef (bourguignon)
Katherine: I loved all the food! As you can probably tell from my previous sentence I am not a fussy eater. My favourite food at the Château was the chicken doughnuts.
Ross: Overall I liked them all. Some were different to England, and we even got a TASTE of French life!
Emily: Well I am quite a picky eater meaning that I didn’t like many of the meals but throughout the week I really enjoyed the desserts especially the chocolate eclair and chocolate muffin they were so nice.
Kieran: I really enjoyed the chicken donuts and the chocolate muffins but did not really like the snail and pork bread.
Talia: Unusually for me I really liked all the food. Generally I tend not to like most food but I thought the food at the Chateau was great. They offered a great choice and it was all very tasty…. Apart from the snails…. I did not like the snails….
Jack: I really liked all of the meals at the Château. They were really tasty and there was also so much choice. My particular favourite was the bavette.
Amber C: I liked all of it!
Adam: I really liked the food it was a good selection my favourite was the ribs.
Maria: I liked the chicken that was so good. I also liked the snails.
Marcus H: The chicken donuts were my favourite and the desserts were really nice! There was no food I didn’t like.
Lily P: I liked the desserts, the steak, the chicken donut and others but I didn’t like how in the morning we only had croissants.
Ryan: I liked the beef as it was soft and well cooked but I wasn’t man enough to try frogs legs.
Harriet: I liked all the food, apart from the chocolate croissant. All the foods were very nice and I actually looked forward to eating!

Qn. Anything you didn’t like? Any improvements to the trip you’d like to suggest?

Amber H: No. Everything in France was really great. I enjoyed the activities, the château and the chance to hang out with your friends.
Dominic: No and nothing!!! I LOVED IT!
Sophie: No. To have a bit more free time in the dorms.
Harvey: I don’t think that there was anything wrong with the trip and that nothing needs to be improved. The beds were quite squeaky and that is my only complaint.
Isabel: I think that fencing was the only activity we did that I did not enjoy as much.
Jonty: No not particularly.
Shreeya: No I can not think of anything to improve because it was such a good week!
Stanley: No, I loved it all.
Eleanor: I think it was a really fun trip and there was very little I didn’t like.
Jayme: ?
Soonyun: I enjoyed most of the week so there isn’t much to complain about!
Oakley: No not really. There could be more toilet breaks.
Francesca: No, I did not find anything not fun and there was nothing else to improve.
Thomas T: Small dorms.
Stephanie: I liked most of the activities in France
Felix: We should have more visits out of the Chateau instead of only going on 2 visits on our stay at the chateau.
Abi H: I would have liked a bit more free time on the field rather than staying in our dorms.
Abby B: (A few bits) ...otherwise, a totally fantastic trip!
Jemma: I loved all of it!
Rafe: No.
Amelia: I thought that the trenches were a bit boring but otherwise I really enjoyed it.
Charlie Bo: I thoroughly enjoyed the trip so no, there wasn't anything I didn't enjoy and I wouldn't change it at all.
Emily: Well the main meals weren’t that nice to me but that's only my opinion and many people would disagree. But I find snails a bit scary and they kinda creep me out a bit but other than that everything else I thoroughly enjoyed.
Matilda: To improve the trip to France I would say that on the coach girls should be allowed to sit next to boys. It is a mixed school after all and I think we should be able to sit next to whoever we want.
Charlie Ba: I think that there should be more time with the activities because when we were doing canoeing it took a lot of time to set up.
Lily W: ...the French Trip 2017 can be named a great success.
Ross: Not really.
Talia: I loved it all. I was slightly nervous about going the night before but as soon as I was with my friends I was super excited. The only thing I would change is I would make it longer… not sure the teachers would agree though!!
Kieran: The snail farm because I thought it was quite weird.
Maria: More activities. Better food. More time there.
Jack: One thing I would suggest to improve the French Trip would be to make it longer.
Adam: No not really.
Lily P: The only thing I can recall is not being able to talk at night but it is understandable why we had to go to sleep.
Marcus: No.
Ryan: The journey there wasn’t exciting the other journeys we had movies.
Harriet: I enjoyed so many things during the week, I am finding it hard to think of something I didn’t enjoy! I didn’t really enjoy the Snail Farm as much as I thought I would, I wish I could’ve raced the snails.

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