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Year 6 write about the design of a new trainer

Year 6 write about the design of a new trainer

In English this week, Year 6 have been writing non-chronological reports. The subject was to be a new trainer, designed by themselves. The children considered the purpose of the shoe, the materials involved, the styling and the USP. Having done so, they had to lay their designer's preferences aside and write a non-biased report on the trainers.

The results of testing the trainers on suitable members of the public for one month were to be presented clearly to ascertain whether the trainers were ready for release onto the market. This has been quite a challenge, especially ensuring that 'I', 'you' and any personal opinions were banned!

Ali R wrote:

This is a report on the ‘Cloud 9’ Trainer. These children’s trainers have been designed for party and special occasion wear. The trainers have been tested by one hundred children between the ages of twelve and fifteen over the course of a month. The results of the test are as follows:


It was found that 82% of testers thought that the canvas upper was a suitable material and was good for the use of drawing on and washing off the trainer. However, 8% of the testers found that when they attempted to wash off the drawings, the original sketch left a shadow. 98% of testers stated,

“The trainers fitted well due to the fact that the laces are made out of elastic.”

The sole is made of rubber for good grip. However, one tester said that the fantastic grip was not needed as they used the shoes to wear to parties. The insole of the trainers is made from memory foam. 99% of the testers said that this gave the trainers a comfy feel. These trainers were found not to be waterproof. They are only to be worn on special occasions.

In conclusion, the materials used were mostly good for trainers worn occasionally, but a few changes will need to be made if they are to be worn every day.

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