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Year 6 write diaries for World War 1 topic

Year 6 write diaries for World War 1 topic

Year 6 WW1 soldier - Sally G

Year 6 children have begun their study of World War 1. In order to empathise, as far as possible, with the young men and their families who were involved, the children are writing a diary. Their first lesson was about the outbreak, including how and why certain countries were involved and which key events led to the start of the war. This became their first diary entry which they illustrated with a relevant image, chosen to represent their story.

Future entries will be about the soldier’s recruitment, his arrival in France and his impressions, fighting in the trenches, the animals used during the war, The Christmas Truce and peace and homecoming. Finally, they will reflect on the impact of the war.
This study should provide the pupils with a good basic knowledge and understanding of this period in history whilst improving their research skills and ability to record events.

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